Qin Sheng Music Ensemble


In 1990 Liu Weishan formed the San Francisco Guzheng Music Society’s first youth ensemble to provide its younger members with opportunities to gain performance experience through community outreach, with Winnie Wong, Ling Wu, Jennifer Lim, Theresa Chan, and Bonnie Lee as its charter members. As the group grew, in age, musical experience, and membership, with the addition of David Wong, the ensemble expanded its repertoire and developed their signature sound and harmony. Since its inception, the group actively demonstrates its musical talent in public performances and by participating in outreach programs, teaching classes at local colleges and universities, and providing lessons at local schools.

In 2009, after years of individual development in their musical careers, members of this first youth ensemble returned and reformed as the Qin Sheng Music Ensemble. “Qin Sheng,” meaning the sounds of Qin, makes reference to the origin of guzheng as the “qin zheng” and demonstrates this group’s firm root in classical guzheng, its foundation in folk guzheng, and its enthusiasm for modern guzheng. They demonstrate their love of music and culture not only by performing and teaching but also by arranging their own compositions and combining the musical styles and traditions of guzheng and guqin. Each member brings their own unique quality to this group, blending, balancing, and harmonizing, creating an ensemble that takes listeners on a musical journey with every song they play.


Bonnie Lee
Artistic Director of Tranquil Resonance Studio, Bonnie’s devotion to music and Chinese culture is apparent whether she is playing the guzheng or teaching her students. Influenced by Master Liu Weishan, Bonnie also stresses the importance of technique and style, forming the foundation not only for her music but that of her students.

David Wong
Executive Director of Tranquil Resonance Studio, David brings his passion for the ancient traditions of China to every note he plays on both guzheng and guqin. Supported by Master Liu Weishan, David endeavors to pass on these ancient traditions and understands the importance of preserving the past while looking forward to the future.

Winnie Wong
Director of China’s Spirit Ensemble, Winnie started with Master Liu Weishan at the tender age of 4 and a half, growing into the talented musician she is today. As director of her own guzheng ensemble, Winnie’s love of music and devotion to teaching shines not only through her own performances but also through every student she has touched.